Not a Care in the World

Wearing: Mango knit sweater, Topshop mom jeans, Edon (Hong Kong) shoes.

Lately, I've lost quite a bit of motivation; waking up seems so much harder, it takes me a lifetime to get ready to leave the house, and should I even mention the nonexistent rate at which I am attending to my schoolwork? I didn't feel like facing the world today and I'm not proud of it. And to think it's only Monday, blech! But I ended up spending the day in the company of my amazing friends and getting to do some of the few things that keep me from wasting away in my room. Days like these I wish could last a lifetime.



Wearing: Forever 21 dress, Topshop shoes, Fjallraven backpack, Paris Kid's choker, socks from Japan.

Wearing dresses can be a daunting task for someone who has had a Marilyn Monroe moment once or twice before (cough). Being at the mercy of the wind has thus resulted in my preference for shorts and jeans. Though every once in awhile, I take a gamble and hope my outfit choice won't result in anything embarrassing and cringe-inducing. Fortunately, that gamble paid off and I'm safe (for now).


Where the Wild Things Play

Wearing: H&M romper, Topshop sandals, vintage bag.

A little alleyway sits just a few steps away from my home. As a child, I remember having come to this spot to play or hide under the shade if the sun got too hot to bear. Overtime, the neighbouring homes have paid less and less attention to it, giving the greenery leeway to grow into an eerie forest of sorts. I wonder, has anyone has ever disappeared walking through this alleyway? Haha. On an outfit-related note, this is one of the more feminine looks I've recently worn. There's just something so charming and delicate about this lace romper, and it's incredibly comfortable too. I wouldn't mind just, you know, living in it.


Rooftop at Dusk

Wearing: The Gap button-up shirt, Mango cami, Topshop boots, Coach bag, Paris Kid's (Japan) choker, Stoneriver necklace. Photographed by Andre Drilon.

However bittersweet, there's something about this time of day that I quite enjoy. Fortunately, having access to a rooftop gives me the pleasure of being able to enjoy the sunset against the skyline. I pounce at every chance I get to catch the golden hour, that brief period right before nightfall where the city is bathed in a soft pink glow. I never realized how beautifully it photographed. Also, I present to you my recent 'default' outfit, which is basically composed of a blue collared shirt over a white top, black boots, any choice of bottoms, and my favorite choker that I got from a recent trip to Tokyo. I'll probably be wearing several variations of this for.. awhile.

Thank you for reading my first post!